Midweek Free Time in Copenhagen

While my class schedule certainly has some downsides, like the 8:30am class on Monday and a 3 hour long class on Friday afternoon to end the week, I sometimes get a mini-weekend in the middle of the week. I only have one class on Tuesdays that wraps up around 11:30am, and if I don’t have a field study on that Wednesday, I’m off until Thursday morning. Miraculously, this has been the case the past two weeks, so I’ve gotten to craft ‘field studies’ of my own. Here’s how I spent one of them, along with my budget to show that you can do a lot for cheap if you plan accordingly!


11:25am: After my Environmental Philosophy class, I headed over to the V10 lounge for lunch that I brought from home. Then, it was onward to my afternoon plans – a visit to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. The Glyptotek houses Carl Jacobson’s (one of the Carlsberg Brewery heirs) personal art collection, mainly made up of sculptures. I spent around 2 hours here looking around and didn’t even get to any of the exhibits on the upper floors. I spent most of my time in the Egyptian and Greek and Roman exhibits, but wish I saved more time for the Ancient Mediterranean exhibit. I’ll definitely be back on a Tuesday in the future, as admission is free every Tuesday! I may have to check out the ‘Perfect Poses?‘ special exhibition as well next time.

4pm: Homeward bound to Roskilde to get some work done before fam dinner!

7:30pm: My host-brother and I walked across the street to pick up some ice cream for dessert. There are a bunch of Paradis locations throughout Denmark and they always have at least one vegan option. That night it was similar to Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and it was way better than I expected.

Vegan flavor 2nd from the bottom. Of course they have a licorice flavor!


8:30am: I slept in a bit and then took the time to make a bomb breakfast. It’s always a treat to do something more than my usual PB&J oatmeal before running out the door to make a train before 7:30.

Toast with avocado and some Violife cheese (greek style) with sauteed chickpeas, mushrooms, onion, and red pepper.

10:15am: I couldn’t make it to my classes on Monday since the train workers were on strike in response to their employer wanting to reduce the number of union representatives. Appropriately, my first visit on Wednesday was to the Danish Workers Museum in Copenhagen to learn more about Danish labor movements.

I was a big fan of this place, especially the special exhibit of Peter Peitersen’s artwork. His artwork depicts the lives of the working class and the plight of the unemployed. The artwork is displayed around the Assembly Hall Balcony, which is the central room of the museum and was built in 1879. It’s the oldest workers assembly hall in Europe.

12:15pm: After a couple hours at the Workers Museum I walked across the street to stroll around the Botanical Garden. I don’t know how I failed to walk through here until just last week, since it’s right across from my beloved Nørreport Station, but thankfully I hadn’t been missing too much since things are just starting to bloom. No matter the season, it’s a beautiful oasis to explore in the middle of the city. As it starts to warm up I’ll definitely be back more to sit on some of the grassy hills and relax.

1:30pm: Three hours of walking around a museum and a botanical garden breeds hunger, so it was lunch time. I walked to Nørrebro to pick up lunch – my first Bánh Mì. I passed by by Bánh Mì a few weeks ago (on my way to get Nicecream) and knew I’d be back to try the Vietnamese sandwich. I got the vegan one, which includes portobello and tofu and is seasoned with soy and chili sauce, then topped with coriander, cucumber, and pickled carrots and daikon. I walked back over the bridge to enjoy lunch in the sun at Israels Plads, a public square right next to Torvehallerne.

Half of this lunch is not very Danish.

2:45pm: After a quick stroll around Ørstedsparken, I was off to Albertslund on the S-tog for my last excursion of the day – giant hunting. Artist Thomas Dambo’s first chapter of “The great story of the little people and the giant trolls” consists of the 6 Forgotten Giants in the western municipalities of Copenhagen. I was in search of Thomas on The Mountain on this day and have since been to three others. They’re surreal to come across and are all made of recycled wood. I’d highly recommend seeing at least a couple of them, but have heard you can make one memorable day out of it if you bring bikes on the S-tog and try to get to them all in one day.

I hung out with Thomas on The Mountain for a bit and enjoyed my first time in a non-urban nature setting in too long.

5:00pm: Home sweet home! I’ve recently gotten the hang of the B line S-tog and knew to take it from Albertslund to Høje-Taastrup , then transfer to a regional train stopping at Roskilde from there all without checking the Rejseplanen app.


Travel: $0! A big perk of living pretty far outside of Copenhagen is a multi-zone transit pass provided by DIS to cover the commute. Mine is an 8 zone pass, so I can get to most places I need without spending a dime, or whatever a 10 kroner piece is called. But beware, it only covers the zones explicitly stated on the pass, as I’ve learned the hard way… that costs a pretty 750 kr.

Admission: Glyptotek ($0, free on Tuesdays, but an admission fee is required for special exhibits), Workers Museum (~$10 for students), Botanical Garden ($0 for outdoor gardens), Thomas on the Mountain ($0)

Food: $0 on Tuesday (packed lunch and ate other meals at home), $10.25 on Wednesday for lunch (Bánh Mì and a Carlsberg)

So, for just over $20 I had a great couple of days exploring Copenhagen and beyond. It was really refreshing to do it all alone and just be on my own schedule to check out whatever I was interested in!

I’m off to Budapest with some friends to kickoff Easter break, then I’ll meet up with my host family in Bornholm for a couple days before starting the end of semester grind. Stay tuned for posts like how to introduce your family to your host-family, a vegan guide to Reffen, and, soon enough, reflections on my homestay experience. Can’t believe my time is winding down…I don’t want to leave!

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