Meatless Monday #3: Lunch for under 50kr

A vital element to any great city is it’s street food, whether it’s for a cheap lunch or something greasy wrapped in foil that will supposedly make the next morning a little easier. Here’s a quick look at two places I’ve grabbed lunch at when I’ve slept too late to bring my own. I’ll save the review for late night spots once I try a few more!

I won’t be posting for Meatless Monday next week since I’ll be traveling, but will be back with a special Spain edition on March 11th.

DOP Hotdog Stand (next to Studenterghuset)

Yes, a hot dog stand can provide for vegans! This particular one, Den Okologiske Polsemand, has a few spots around the city and offers a vegan tofu hotdog. Obviously it’d be quite bland on its own, but they offer plenty of toppings. During the colder months they have a special option of a hot dog served with stewed kale and beetroot. Of course I went for this, and it was tasty and filling for under 40kr (~$7).

Bon Appetit (Studiestræde 37)

I did a double take when I first walked by and saw a sign that touted 25kr ($4.50) vegan falafel pitas during lunch time. I was in a rush to catch my train, but looked it up on the ride and it seemed legit! The following day I went with some veg friends from my Sustainable Food class to check it out.

Well, turns out the 25kr deal was a lie…because there’s a 20% discount for DIS students. The falafel is delicious and made in house. They fry ’em fresh when you order, and you can fill your pita with chili sauce, pickled onions and jalapeños, and other good stuff. I’ve really missed spicy food while here, since the stereotype of Danes not being able to handle the heat seems to hold true.

I’ve been back a couple of times, mainly because the owner is such a nice guy and appreciative that I shouted his place out in the DIS Facebook page. (Also for the bomb falafel)

That’s a quick roundup of cheap lunch spots close to DIS! I usually bring my lunch since I can’t afford to eat meals out here, but it’s nice to have found some places that offer simple, tasty vegan lunches at a wallet-friendly price point. Of course, nothing is cheaper than cooking for yourself.

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